About Us

Massachusett's premier luxury watch and designer diamond jewelry source.

Goldstein Swank & Gordon is a fine jewelry company that has been serving the Central Massachusetts region since 1899. Best known for its impressive collection of luxury jewelry brands, GSG offers an extensive selection of jewelry and watches, while also offering basic services such as jewelry and watch repair.

George Hannoush, President of Goldstein, Swank, & Gordon, began working in the jewelry industry with his brothers at the age of 15. Together they built Hannoush Jewelers - the largest family owned jewelry company in New England. During their rise, the Hannoush brothers purchased many other locally owned stores and businesses, including Goldstein, Swank, & Gordon. Today GSG’s day to day operations are run by George and his 3 sons- Abe, Andre, and Anthony.

Owned and operated by the Hannoush family for over 20 years, Goldstein Swank & Gordon is a family owned business in the truest sense. Providing the best quality product to go along with the best quality service is at the center of our core beliefs. In this business, we feel lucky to celebrate some of the most precious times in people’s lives – engagements, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and much more. Knowing that we take part in making those moments extra special is what keeps us motivated.